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Pokemon Rock Type Emblem Collage Decoprint©. They are Mixed Media creations of your favorite characters and genres!!! Some are "connectable" so you can create an amazing, cohesive display on your wall!!!



Pokemon Rock Type Emblem Collage Decoprint©

    • 11" X 14" (unless otherwise noted)
    • Digitally Designed or Hand Drawn
    • Digitally Printed on Paper
    • Adhered to Canvas with 3/4" Frame or Foamboard
    • Additional Print Adhered to foam, then cut out to create 3D effect
    • Splatter or other custom paint work applied(optional)
    • Thick Glossy or Matte Overcoat Applied with Brush Strokes
    • Hanger and Easel on Back to Hang or Self Stand
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